The intention of my project is to create a series of posters that will each tell a story. Each poster will be about a specific person who has struggled with mental health and show how their rabbit has positively impacted them. I hope to help my audience learn something and feel something, whether that is hopefulness, wonder, or compassion.

I hope it will bring joy and a sense of belonging to the community that I am targeting. For those who do not own rabbits, I hope they are inspired by the impact of these amazing pets on people who have struggled with their mental health.


The best-case scenario for this project would be for a diverse group of individuals to fill out the interest form that will be linked in Luna’s Instagram bio after an announcement photo is posted. After reaching out to the four or five most interesting candidates who have a unique story about their health and their rabbit, I will set up interviews with each one. They will be done on Zoom, and they will all go successfully with no technical difficulties or scheduling issues. I will get to know welcoming and courageous people who have the same interests and love for rabbits as I do. Each transcript of the interview will have usable quotes that would fit perfectly into a graphic design on a poster. I will create three to five posters using the best quotes and each design will fit with its quote in a harmonious way.

The worst-case scenario for this project would be that no one fills out the interest form or even if they are interested, they won’t agree to be interviewed. The entire project is based off of these interviews,  connecting with new people, and learning about their stories. If I don’t have that foundation to build off of, the posters will not be as unique or effective. The purpose of the project is to listen to others’ stories and share them with others.


Perspectives or lived experiences that might be missing from my approach are individuals who have not owned a rabbit or who have not struggled with their mental health. I wanted to focus on pets for this project, but I knew I had to narrow down my idea and become more specific with the community I was reaching. Individuals or misrepresented communities that might be missing from my project are those who do not have an Instagram account, email, phone, computer, or access to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this excludes many people who have amazing stories to share, but the most efficient way to complete this project was to use Luna’s Instagram account, create Google Forms, and conduct interviews over Zoom.

Since the Instagram accounts are from the perspective of the bunny, most of them never show photos of their owners. This has made interacting with other accounts more fun for me because it’s not about how you look or what anyone thinks/judges about each other. The main focus of this Instagram community is to share something we are passionate about and to enjoy special moments with each other. With that being said, it is difficult to know if you have a diverse audience when you never see the person. One thing I’ve noticed is that more than half of Luna’s 1,800 followers are from outside of the United States. I hope that those who fill out the interest form are from unique locations and backgrounds.