One of the biggest goals for my project is to make sure that everyone is able to access my content and use it in whatever means they see fit. My content should be easy to access for all since I will be using multiple platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and a WordPress website where all of the information can also be found. I wan for my vlogs to have a little something for everyone so that everyone feels included. In these videos, whether it is the vlog or short video, I want them to be diverse and inclusive. The places that I will travel to are a mixture of places close to the Saint Joseph’s campus as well as places close to the Philadelphia area. There is a mixture of places that will require some money upon entry but I have tried to mostly pick places that are free of charge.

Accessibility on Social Media Platforms

For my project I am using many platforms and allowing for my pages to be public. People will be able to access my content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube whether they have an account or not. For even easier access I will also be putting all of my content on the WordPress website that I am creating for the project as well. In the bio on my Instagram and TikTok I will also create a Linktr where people are able to access all the content at once whether they are on the website or not. I figure having a home-base for the content will make it easier for some rather than having to search and find it on the different platforms.

To make it easy for people to recognize my content I have created a logo that I am using on all platforms. This logo will be the profile picture on my Instagram, TikTok and YouTube page. I have also used the same picture for the banner of my YouTube channel as well as using the same color scheme for my website. The name that I chose “Vist W Lauren” is also the same for all platforms that way there is no confusion.

Inclusivity in the Content

In any form of content whether it is a still image or moving you have to be aware of the people who will view your content. A majority of my project is video based. To make sure that I am inclusive of all people I will put closed caption on all of my videos as well as in the description on the videos add the locations that I traveled to. In prior vlogs to this project I have also included close captioning on the videos which I feel makes it nicer to understand the content that the viewer is consuming.

My website will house a mixture of videos, images and graphics. The videos will open in an external window where the closed captions will be on but for the images and graphics I will have descriptions as well as alternative text.