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Lily McStravick – Third Consideration Post

Inclusive design is incredibly important and something that is easily looked over by many. However, designing for inclusivity not only benefits those with certain disabilities, but oftentimes can benefit many other people. For example, if someone were to design something… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Second Consideration Post

Intention and Impact Through my project, I hope to use different photography techniques to create images that people feel a connection to. Whether it be a sense of hope, peace, passion, etc. I hope that these images are memorable in… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – First Consideration Post

Technology One of the technologies I will be using and will need to create my project in a successful way is Adobe Lightroom Classic. I currently have version 12.1, but have to update to the most recent version, 12.2. I… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Formal Proposal

Topic For my senior capstone project, I will be focusing on outdoor photography, including photography of landscapes, nature, and wildlife. I took a photography course my Sophomore year at Saint Joseph’s and thoroughly enjoyed it, however I have not picked… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Senior Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: A Lil Talking Pod Re-envisions in significant ways a previous COM or COM-adjacent class project My first idea would be to produce three more 20-30 minute podcast episodes for my mental health podcast I made during podcasting class,… Continue Reading →

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