Intention and Impact

Through my project, I hope to use different photography techniques to create images that people feel a connection to. Whether it be a sense of hope, peace, passion, etc. I hope that these images are memorable in people’s minds. I want these images to remind people of the beauty that surrounds us and lives among us every single day.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario would be that every single image I take and publish is loved by everyone. It would mean that people who look at the images instantly feel something and it brings out different emotions depending on the viewer, since all people view or feel images differently. The worst case scenario, however, would be that people do not find interest in the images or in the landscapes, wildlife, or nature that I choose to photograph. This lack of interest would lead to my photographs not being memorable or necessarily as appreciated.

Personal Identities Influence

Personally, I am someone who loves sunsets. I think this love of mine could influence what I choose to photograph. However, having 10 images of sunsets would be unsuccessful in the end. Ultimately, having a wider variety of images will keep a wider variety of people interested and will also showcase more abilities of mine.

Perspectives and Lived Experiences

With any photography, depending on the lens or positioning of the camera/photographer, there can be many different perspectives on just one subject. Ultimately, whatever perspective I decide to approach the subject from will differ from a perspective someone else may have had in the same location. This can be both a positive or a negative. It can be positive because it can open people’s eyes to a new way of viewing the subject or location, but it can also be negative because it may eliminate some key components from someone’s experience.

Who Is Missing? How Can I Make the Project More Inclusive?

With visual photography, there is a group of people who are being excluded and it is the visually impaired. In order to make the photographs more accessible to them, when I post the images they will all have alt text so that these people can hear about what each image is and visualize it for themselves. Another group of people who are missing are those who do not live in the most “photogenic” scenery or feel like they have experienced these beautiful parts of Earth. I hope to make them feel connected to this beauty without feeling that they can’t relate.