Technology: Rode VideoMic GO

The Rode VideoMic GO is useful for my project because it is extremely useful while on the go. It mounts on top of the camera, making it easy to carry and pull out when needed, because it is already set up.


A very important feature of this technology that I need to master is getting very clear, audible, and high quality sound recording right from the get go.

  • I will use Audio Premiere Pro to make sure the dialogue is clear and correctly synced to the speaker that is being filmed. It is going to be an intense process of testing videos with the sound, reducing background noise, and making sure that viewers can hear the speaker loud and clear with annunciation, and not muffled. I will do test runs on Premiere Pro so I have lots of practice with editing video/audio.
  • I also will need to master how to play background music behind the talking. I want to have light background music playing behind each clip and it will take a few attempts to find the right song that is not too overbearing and distracting, and to also make sure that it is the right volume. In order to successfully do this, I need to make sure the speaker is speaking directly into the microphone and the sound quality is good enough.
  • Lastly I need to master Adobe Premiere Pro as a whole. I haven’t used it in about two years, and never to create a docuseries. It will take lots of research to make sure I benefit from it as much as possible.


The microphone is social because it gives participants a voice with thought provoking responses, experiences, and opinions. It also conveys a message to its audience by delivering sound and meaning. The microphone is also social because it conveys spoken emotion that cannot be interpreted through paper. Overall it is a medium for speaking and sharing stories and insight to an audience.

Cultural Values

The microphone reflects cultural values because it gives humans a sound that might not be able to be identified by their appearance. Hearing someones tone of their voice, combined with the language they use, and their accent, gives the audience a bit of background on them. It indicates where they are from, in some cases different neighborhoods, states, and countries. Seeing what someone looks like and hearing their voice is the tip of the iceberg of what their cultural background may be.

Affordances of Adobe Premiere Pro

Interface: Premiere Pro is updated frequently, which helps make the app easy to use considering how the creators are always sorting out its bugs. The interface is very manageable and easy to navigate. The more I practice using Premiere Pro, the easier it gets. When I need additional help there are plenty of troubleshooting forums and customer service discussions that address common questions and help users understand the software better.

Editing Tools: Premiere Pro has a plethora of editing tools that fit different preferences. There are many different ways to trim clips, cut them apart, speed them up, insert new clips, razor blade tool, etc. Every type of stylistic need is met which makes the editing process not as stressful.


Strong Device: An issue that I will run into during the editing process is that Premiere Pro functions best when it is used on a strong computer system that has high processing power. My laptop that has a bunch of applications on it will not be great during the extensive editing process because when all of these elements are combined, it is likely to crash easily. I will have to use an SJU computer and not be able to edit my audio and video whenever and wherever I would like.