What is the technology/material you have chosen to discuss? If applicable, include the brand, model, version, etc. Different models and brands afford and constrain in different ways, and professionals in the field know why they use what they use. Why are you using this brand/model/version?

For my capstone project, one of the technologies that I will be using to create my client’s website is WordPress. I am using this brand because it is accessible and easy to navigate, which will be beneficial for my client to be able to continue to maintain the website after the project is over. Additionally, WordPress can use plugins and some CSS coding which will allow me to customize certain aspects of the website.

What features of the technology/material do you need to master to create a professional-level project? List at least 3 and how and when you intend to master them before starting your project.

The features of my technology I need to master to execute a professional project are wireframing, using plugins, and auditing existing content. I intend to use the book material I have read about wireframing. For plugins, I will need to utilize online tutorials both within the website and outside of it. For auditing existing content, I will need to be able to decipher with my client which content will work best on the site and how to get that on there. Transporting it from their computer to mine.

How is this technology/material social? Try to identify 3 ways. What design features enable each example of sociability? (social can account for historical use- how human values and activities inform its use, structure, and history) 

WordPress is a social technology whose features reflect evolved aspects of historical things that were used for social purposes.

WordPress mimics the way a filing cabinet works and the values that technology holds. When people have information, pictures, writings, etc. they put it into a single physical space, the file cabinet. In the cabinet, they organize their content into different categories and subcategories. A website has similar features where the information is organized not for a viewer to see but for the owner. The file cabinet and back-end coding information are things that are out of sight so a visitor does not see all of it. Websites reflect the cabinets value of organization and information structure. It reflects how people interact with information and content.

On the other the aspect of the website that is visible has similar values of an art gallery. Both organize visual things in very intentional ways to convey a cohesive message or brand. The importance of labeling, giving credit, and present accessibility is important for both. A website and an art gallery while both visual spaces need to create means of accessibility for those visually impaired. Things like alt texts and audio tours are means of communication that both spaces use to create more usability for their audiences.

How does the technology/material reflect cultural values? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

Some of the ways WordPress reflects cultural values are in its ability to customize, user friendly, and ability to share.

There has always been an emphasis on valuing individuality and uniqueness in the United States. WordPress reflects this with its ability to adapt design changes and have people use the same space to create different things with it, showing off their messages and creativity.

WordPress presents itself as being something user-friendly and accessible to all levels of skill. This ability to both have access and try something new is something people appreciate, especially people with less knowledge. Many people value things they think they could try and master and that is what WordPress presents itself to be.

In addition to creativity, the ability to share messages and content is another cultural reflection of pride. Being able to share what we are proud of whether it be things we wrote, built, designed, etc. The open and accessible space of a WordPress website allows people to explore and others to showcase their content. Being able to have this transparency and expression is something that is highly valued.

How will the technology/material afford your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

WordPress as a technology will enable me to be precise, it will allow me to organize information and content, and publish things online onto a public platform.

In terms of precision WordPress will enable me to make specific changes to the website and more or less put things in specific places. Similar to how an artist might use a ruler to help make precise measurements or guide spacing.

WordPress will also allow me to organize information and content through different pages. Similar to how a book or filing system might organize different things into sections and subsections so will WordPress.

This technology will also afford me the ability to publish things online in a public space. This will allow more people to be reached and to be aware of the website.

How will the technology/material constrain your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

Some restraints that WordPress is going to have involve Wi-Fi, the battery of my laptop, and the ability to make changes.

In creating the website on WordPress to add, erase, move, and save anything on the website I need to have access to Wi-Fi. This means I can’t do my work outside unless I’m right next to a building with wide Wi-Fi coverage. I also might run into issues if my laptop disconnects from the Wi-Fi, or if I’m working in a place with a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Another aspect of WordPress that will constrain my actions is that I plan to do the majority of the work on my laptop, but my laptop has a very bad battery system. So if I’m going to do any website work on WordPress I have to be able to do the work by an outlet to keep my laptop running in case it doesn’t register the battery. So being able to work on WordPress requires me to do some prior planning before I can even open it up.

WordPress itself will restrain me from having complete autonomy over code/website changes, so I’ll need to compromise and work through those restrictions.