The intention of my project is to provide students with an option to receive free portraits of themselves. With that being said I am focusing on portraits of individuals that they could either use for their graduation pictures, Linkedin, or even for personal use. Being a college student not everyone has money to pay for a professional portrait of themselves so I’d like to be able to help some of my fellow students out by giving them that opportunity. I also plan on going up to a couple of individuals in Manayunk to ask if I could take their pictures to get a different age group of people. I’d like to give them the option of taking a headshot so that they would potentially be able to gain a job on Linkedin by giving off a business professional look. I’d also like to give students the option to have graduation photos taken so they will be able to have them for the rest of their lives. Lastly, I would like to give individuals the opportunity to have any of their ideas photographed that they could use for their own personal use. 



The best-case scenario for my project would be for individuals to come off as more professional looking to employers which may help them secure a great job heading into the future. Another one that would add great value to my project would be the diversity aspect of photography. I would like for my portraits to turn out very well so that people will end up posting them on their personal accounts. The worst-case scenario would be if I wasn’t able to reach out to different groups of individuals and different age groups. I think it would also be bad if I didn’t offer the option to have portraits taken to a wider variety than just my group of friends.  



Heading into this project I would like to have purpose incorporated into my photos. I would like them to feel like it is telling sort of a story to go along with the portraits. After many photography classes, I’ve been able to learn how to capture more than just a photo of someone and more of a story. Besides the Linkedin and graduation photos, I’d like to capture people in their natural environment. 



Heading into this project I want to make sure I don’t just capture photos of my friend group but also reach out to a greater number of people. With that being said, I want to make sure I get pictures of different ethnicities and ages, that may have a different backgrounds. Focusing on that, I think will really help my project incorporate the diverse and inclusive aspects.