Idea #1: Creating a website for Lenamarkvids 

My sister, Elena is a videographer/photographer and she’s been using an Instagram account to post her video edits and pictures. While she focuses mainly on sport edits, she also gets hired to make promotional videos for different organizations and private events. I’ve talked to her about making her website where she can have a profile of her work and a space for people to inquire about hiring her. I want to organize her best work and provide her with a more professional means of getting hired for events (right now it’s mostly word of mouth or DMs). I want to either make an HTML website using Brackets and FileZilla or WordPress or using Squarespace. 

I’m hoping to create 4-5 tabs to organize her work:

  • Experience: People who’ve hired her, places she’s been to for filming, & possibly the equipment she uses
  • Photos: Media day photo examples, headshots, and action photos for the various sports she’s taken pictures of. 
  • Videos: Sport edits, vlogs, & promotional work. 
  • Hiring/Possible Rates
  • Mini Profile 

I would be challenged in organizing and picking and choosing the photos and videos that best represent her brand. I also want to make sure a website is an affordable option for her and easy to maintain and update as she gains more experience. 


Idea #2: Instagram Blog for Webtoon Reviews & Recommendations

In a lot of the clubs and internships I’ve done, I worked the social media. In this project, I want to make it more personal and show my interests. Whenever my friends and I get together we always seem to get into giving each other book and tv show recommendations. We discuss the tropes, themes, and problems we find in them. As much as I love reading, I haven’t had the time to sit down and read books that aren’t for a class. About two years ago I found an app from Instagram called Webtoon which has a plethora of short comics with different genres you can scroll through. 

I want to create an Instagram account where I can blog recommendations and discuss different Webtoon comics, specifically the Drama/Romance genre. I would be interested in analyzing different aspects of these webtoons. Discussing the tropes they employ (for example Enemies to lovers, love triangles, etc), looking at how they approach representation (for example different body types, race/ethnicities, sexual orientations, approach on how love might affect the mental health of the characters).

I would be using Instagram as my platform for posting, using Canva to create and format posts. I would create 2-3 posts a week which would include: one or two rating and discussion posts, character or couple highlight, and maybe an “if you like this, read that” Instagram story post. 

In my COM Digital Field Methods class for my YouTube video series, I did my channel on tutorials on how to make sustainable DIY room decorations. I’ve found that making art has always had a positive impact on my mood. I would be interested in creating a Tik Tok series similar to the one I made in class, continuing to make short tutorials and videos showing how to do different designs. I would be challenging myself to maintain a consistent posting schedule and refine my video editing skills and improve my audio recording. I would use Tik Tok as my main platform and possibly create an Instagram account to show pictures of the finished product. I would use Adobe Audition for editing and possibly use a DSLR camera to record. I would want to make 1-2 videos a week, along with two pictures to post on Instagram. It would be about 6-7 different DIY projects, with maybe 1-2 variations of the same project with a different design. My goal would be to create concise and clear tutorials that demonstrate how easy it is to create sustainable art decorations.