Create and Record a Podcast Series

Produce a podcast where I review books I read and discuss them in depth. I love to both read and write and I deeply enjoy discussing the stories I consume. A podcast where I can share what I’m reading not only serves as an outlet for me to do so, but will require me to use different skills to record, edit, and upload the content. Examples of podcasts on this topic include Sentimental Garbage, Mostly Lit, and Smart Podcast, Trashy Books.  Over the summer, I recorded a single episode with one of my friends, as a first attempt at creating a podcast like this, but we ended up not continuing with it. While I have significant experience editing audio, this project would challenge me to experiment more in creating a cohesive end product and using transitions within.

 For this project, I would use a microphone, audio recording software, editing software, and a hosting platform, such as Anchor, which I have previously used.

The final project would be five podcast episodes, 30–45 minutes in length, and include smooth transitions within the episodes and well-written descriptions on the hosting platform. 

Digitally Design Content for Merchandise

Design and produce various products that can be sold on my storefront. I currently have an Etsy shop where I sell stickers that I design and make myself. I want to expand my scope of visual design and create not only more stickers but posters as well that I can sell in the future. This project would challenge me to experiment with new styles of designing and creating posters for aesthetic purposes. While I have created infographic posters and social media graphics, I have not yet created posters for decorative purposes, so this would be a new challenge. Some examples of posters include a cosmopolitan poster, a disco poster, and a song lyric poster. Additionally, this project would entail me promoting my shop on social media, using skills I’ve developed in previous classes.

For this project, I would use the Procreate app on my iPad with my Apple Pencil, and Canva and Adobe Indesign when needed. I would use my Cricut machine to physically produce the stickers and Etsy to host my shop where I could later sell these designed products. For the social media aspect, I would use a camera, the Instagram app, and editing software.

The final product of this project would include 10 new designs—6 stickers and 4 posters, as well as social media posts and stories to promote them.

Create a Brand Book for a Business

Create a brand kit/design book for my future bakery, as well as a floor plan of the physical space. While I have a visualization in my head of what it would look like, I have not yet created a visual representation of this. This project would challenge me to actually develop a consistent and cohesive brand for the business as well as create a floor plan of the layout of the interior of the bakery itself. I have experience creating brand kits and creating floor plans, but this project will require me to experiment with my choices and go deeper with the stylistic branding choices.

For this project, I would use the Procreate app on my iPad with my Apple Pencil, Canva, and Homestyler—a free web software that allows you to create floor plans. Examples of brand kits are seen for Infinity Creative and Milk & Coffee. An example of a floor plan is shown by this layout of a cafe.

The final product will be a full design book, complete with styling choices, mock-up materials, and a floor plan of the interior of the bakery. The brand-kit will include color and font choices, as well as mock menus, signages, and promotional material. The design book will also include images that show what I got inspiration from, creating a well-rounded branding kit I can use in my future career.