Pitch #1: Photo Essay comparing the infrastructure and facilities of Overbrook High School and Lower Merion High School

As a political science minor, I have written a few essays about the issue of school inequality, and why it is so important to be discussing. So many students go to schools in this country where they lack basic school supplies, learning materials, and an environment where education can flourish. That is why I would like to do a comparison photo essay showing the way school inequality looks for schools that are less than 4 miles from one another.

I would do this by preparing a website for the photos to appear on. Two photos from each school would be placed beside one another so that the viewer can see how different the schools look both on the inside and the outside. For example, I would insert a photo of a water fountain at Overbrook compared to a water fountain at Lower Merion, showcasing the lack of funding schools in certain districts are afforded.

I would use photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos and I would use a camera from the COM department to take these photos, which I already have experience with. It would be a series of 20 photos, with a short blurb describing school inequality in this area and why it is so harmful for students on their educational journeys. This link here will bring you to a photo essay depicted in a school: https://www.lansingchristianschool.org/adayinthelife/

Pitch #2: Declutter Your Mind: A Social Media Campaign About the Negative Effects of overstimulation in the brain

As someone who plans to work in social media for my future, it is important to have examples of the type of work I would be involved in. Doing a social media campaign is a great way for me to showcase some of my design work and a chance for me to express my interest in the importance of monitoring your own screen time.

This social media campaign would be designed around the concept that overstimulation and constant stimulus has very negative effects on the mind and body. Most people do not understand that stimulus does not just have to be online, it can be listening to music, a podcast, or talking on the phone. This constant stimulus does not allow the brain to process our own thoughts, and we are left with unresolved emotions or feelings when we don’t give ourselves the chance to think on our own. The campaign would be located as a website and on Instagram. There would be a challenge associated with the campaign and it would be to push people to spend the first 20 minutes, and the last 20 minutes of the day completely unstimulated. This amount of time would push people to process their own thoughts and emotions and help them detach from the reality of the online world.

I would use Figma to mock up my website or WordPress to create a real one and I would design the illustrations for instagram and the website on Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and in Photoshop. I cannot find an example that shows what I am trying to do.

Pitch #3: Youtube Video Essays Describing the Negative impacts of Tiktok
Video 1: Consumerism
Video 2: Mental Health
Video 3: Body Image and Plastic Surgery

I have always loved Youtube channels that create informational videos describing one subject in a lot of detail. I watch a lot of these videos on a daily basis and want to create my own version of this concept using a professional camera and researched information. I want to focus this one around the idea of TikTok and some of the negative implications that I see being associated with it. I am a social media marketing intern and I think it is important for me to research this type of information to understand how an app like this could be viewed on the negative sides of things.

Each video I make would be 20-30 minutes in length and I would have three prepared for them. This amount of videos gives me plenty of time to research information and make sure the videos are edited perfectly through Adobe Premiere Pro. I would rent out a professional camera from the COM department since I have learned how to use these cameras very well in some of my other classes. This video that I am linking is an example of the video essay style of youtube videos and helps articulate some of my ideas around what I am trying to create: https://www.google.com/search?q=tiktok+is+bad+for+women&rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS883US883&oq=tiktok+is+bad+for+women&aqs=chrome..69i57.3225j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:7f476fa0,vid:eubGagqx120