Pitch #1: one that engages your personal/creative life in some way

A rebranding of my travel/lifestyle Instagram account  

As someone who has been fortunate enough to travel to many different places, I find that my personal and creative life overlap in that area. Whenever I go anywhere new I love soaking up the memories with photos and videos, and even little vlogs sometimes. I created a “lifestyle and travel” instagram account for Digital Field Methods, and I kept up with it a little bit. I have been using the account from time to time for my own enjoyment.

For my project I could see myself enjoying doing a rebrand for this account. I have always used Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos, but I would love to experiment more and make new presets that are perfect for the kinds of pictures that I capture. I would need to use Adobe Lightroom, Instagram, and my iPhone camera. My goal as of right now would be to post on Instagram a minimum of 3 times a week, stories daily, and reels as seen appropriate.

This project would challenge me to be consistent with the account, create a new preset that can work for the entirety of the semester or longer, and to put myself out there a little more on the internet. I love this Instagram account and would be using it for some inspiration throughout the process. 


Pitch #2: one that looks toward your possible future career and/or graduate educational journey that will showcase skills and approaches necessary for a job or graduate school admissions

Creating a brand/design persona for my travel/lifestyle instagram

My second pitch is somewhat similar to my first pitch, but more on the “building-block” stages of an Instagram account than that one. I created a design persona in Web Design and I loved the assignment and getting to experiment with what I wanted my personal brand to be. I have changed my mind many times about what my brand is since then and would love to restart and create a brand new design persona for my travel and lifestyle Instagram account. 

I have linked the original design persona that I created. I would use Canva to create an updated version, but with significant changes and more detail than this one. By updating this design persona I would be challenging myself to create a more sophisticated brand for myself and one that can last me this semester and much into the future. To quantify the scope, I would want the design persona to be around 20 pages with relevant images, information, and fonts to capture my brand and design identity. 


Pitch #3: one that is just so out there that you could never imagine that it would be approved in any possible way but who cares you’re only in school for a few more months and this would just be so much fun I want to propose it anyway so I’m gonna go for it and see what happens

Travel Blog on WordPress OR a Rebrand of My Web Design Website 

As you can tell I am really hoping to keep traveling as some sort of my project topic, this is because I know that it will keep me engaged and excited to keep improving and working on the project. My final pitch is to create a travel blog on WordPress. I actually created a blog on WordPress over break to use for recapping trips that I have taken/will take in the future, but I did not stay consistent with it, nor did I make the website very user friendly. I have prior experience with WordPress, but would also be challenged to use more features on the site and to grow an actual audience on the blog. I have only told family and a few friends about the blog because I kind of gave up on it too quickly and would love to revamp it and grow the community with it. 

To make this more than just a blog and to tie in more skills that I have learned in prior communications classes I would like to add YouTube vlogs to the page and TikToks. My goal would be to have 8-10 new blog posts this semester, 4-6 YouTube vlogs that are 10-30 minutes long, and as many TikToks as seems fitting. I was also thinking along with this idea that I could make this blog apart of my website from Web Design. It would challenge me greatly to rebrand that site and make it a blog/portfolio combination.