Pitch #1: Fitness Social Media App UI/UX

I propose designing a social media platform for fitness enthusiasts, similar to Instagram. The platform would enable users to create their own personal profiles, track their progress, and share their routines, diet, PR, and supplement plans. Additionally, it will allow for integration of Apple Watch statistics, and users can choose to share their progress publicly or privately. The platform would also allow for monetization for prominent influencers. One of its key features would be linking with gym QR codes for easy sign-ins, centralizing all fitness needs in one app and making it easy to promote fitness-related products. I am confident that this project would be an ideal choice for me, as I have experience in UI/UX design, and I am looking to pursue a professional career in this field

Tools: Figma, Adobe Suite


Pitch #2: Canvas Revamp

Revamp of Canvas/Blackboard that integrates all aspects of school life, including academics, athletics, and residence. With this platform, you can access your class schedule, assignments, and grades all in one place, as well as stay updated on the latest athletic events and games, and easily manage your residence information. With this platform, you can easily access all the information you need to stay organized and on top of your school life. This would be in contrast to the current separation of the Nest & Canvas.

Tools: Figma, Adobe Suite


Pitch #3: Comet V.4 UI/UX

In the past I designed the User Interface and key essential features of a web platform named Comet. It had a small but niche user base and went on to later become recognized in the web-development community for its impressive back-end code (written by my former partner). Since then the project has been on halt while some developers have been attempting to run forks of the code to bring the site back alive. I would create a new user interface & make changes to the original idea in order to provide these developers with the UI/UX framework for a new possible version of the platform.

Tools: Figma, Adobe Suite

I built an open-source Reddit/Discord hybrid using React, TailwindCSS, and GraphQL! from reactjs