After graduation I hope to enter the field of journalism, but am also interested in graphic design. I like documentaries and video journalism the best, and was initially inspired by VICE’s video coverage on more taboo or illegal topics. I definitely want to do something journalistic for my capstone project, but would like to show graphic design as well. Ideally I’d like to make a journalistic web series, but am also interested in creating a zine.

  • Philadelphia Graffiti documentary series: This project would entail 4-6 journalistic episodes/videos about the current Philadelphia graffiti scene. Ideally this would have sit-down interviews with prolific local graffiti artists, video and stills of their work, and maybe even footage of them creating their art. Interviews would likely have to have blurred faces and voice changes like many VICE films. Philly has a deep history with graffiti culture, modern day graffiti arguably started in Philadelphia and the scene is still lively. Possible interviewees include Mutt (owner of graffiti supplies store), Cornbread (said to be the first graffiti artist), and prominent Philly graffiti artists like Krap, Skue Ghost, Oshin, Rew, Gus, and Will. Video would be shot on my own camera, audio would be captured using lav microphones and a zoom h5, and premier pro would primarily be used for post production.
  • Philadelphia Graffiti Zine: Since graffiti is illegal and artists remain anonymous, I recognize that people who do graffiti may not be willing to meet in person to shoot video, but might be down to do interviews over the phone. The concept for this project is similar to the web series, but would contain type interviews and photos of Philly graffiti. While I’m more passionate about doing this through video, I think that this might be more realistic, still be interesting journalism, and also strengthen the graphic design section of my portfolio. Photos would be shot on a mirrorless camera, phone call interviews would be captured through otter, and post production would involve indesign, photoshop, lightroom, and illustrator.
  • NJ Fishing Regulations documentary series: This project would be 4-6 journalistic videos about saltwater fishing regulations in New Jersey. Each video would cover a different species of fish and its regulations. Possible sources include NJ Fish and Wildlife employees, local fishermen, tackle shop owners, and conservationists. Videos would be around 7-14 minutes long and primarily consist of sit down interviews and b roll. Video would be shot on my own camera, audio would be captured using lav microphones and a zoom h5, and premier pro would primarily be used for post production.
  • Bike Messenger documentary series: This project would consist of 4-6 journalistic videos about the timeless but changing profession of bike messengers. Bike delivery has been a timeless profession in major cities across America, but has changed considerably in the past 10 years. While physical messages don’t need to be transported anymore due to technology, packages, groceries and food delivery can all still be delivered on bikes. The videos would explore what the profession entailed in the past, what it currently looks like, and also cover things like the culture of filming dangerous riding for social media. Possible sources include John (has been a bike messenger in Philly for 40+ years) and Bleciaga (younger bike messenger who posts videos of dangerous riding). Video would be shot on a mirrorless camera, audio would be captured using lav microphones and a zoom h5, and premier pro would primarily be used for post production. This could also be done in print format.
  • Heritage Surf Shop Brand Identity for Skateboarding: Heritage Surf Shop is a store in south NJ that I’ve been working at for 9 years that has a strong customer base from the surfing community. The shop sells hard goods for surfing and skateboarding, but sells even more clothing from surf brands. Heritage is located right next to a skatepark and has a relatively strong customer base of skateboarders, but doesn’t sell any type of soft goods or skate related private label clothing. This project would entail creating a brand identity for Heritage that would target the skateboarder clientele. This would include a logotype, a color pallet, and 2-5 graphics that could be used for stickers, clothing, and skateboard decks. This could also include a promotional video showing the company’s history in skateboard culture and current skate program. This project would use illustrator, indesign, and possibly photoshop and premier pro. This project would be mostly graphic design driven, but could also show documentary making skills through the video.