Magazine Editorial

I would create my own magazine brand and a magazine editorial layout that utilizes photographs that I have taken throughout college, especially in the Art Capstone course I took last semester. In the Art Capstone course I selected photography as the art medium I wanted to perform in as it is my strongest and favorite art skill of mine and then I worked all semester to capture and edit photos. I also worked on a thesis that supported my final 10 images by discussing important themes surrounding my images and myself as a photographer.

For this project, not only would I utilize the photos I have taken in past courses, but I will also create a theme and brand within the magazine that further expands and represents the thesis I worked on in a previous course. The magazine editorial layout will also give me a chance to showcase my graphic design skills in tandem with my photography skills, allowing me to combine what I have learned in art and design. I love graphic design and hope to continue designing for the rest of my life, especially in my future career.

I would use my DSLR Canon camera, my hard drive, my SD card, and Adobe Lightroom Classic to take, edit, and organize the images for the project and I would use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign in order to put together the layout and actually create the graphics and overall magazine editorial layout. A great example that inspired me was Makiah Stephens’ magazine, Culture Vault.


Brand Book

I would create fictional brand and completely design everything necessary to bring that brand to life. As previously mentioned, I want to be a graphic designer post-graduation, so this would also be an excellent opportunity to showcase my graphic design skills. I would have to come up with a idea for a brand, theme and aesthetic, and then would design the brand, logo, mock-ups, and anything else that specifically would go along with that brand. Ultimately I would then put it all together along with descriptions and information to create a brand book that could really boost my portfolio and showcase my graphic design skills.

In a past Communications course, Advanced Design, I had to work to create a brand book throughout the majority of the semester and I had a lot of fun. If I choose this project idea, I would enjoy more freedom within the project and do something entirely different from the brand I created and worked on in that course.

For this project, I would use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign in order to create the layout for the brand book as well as any graphics or imagery I would need for the project.¬†An example of a brand book that really inspired me was Tiff Marciano’s brand book for a future bakery, Late Night at Tiff’s.


Photo Essay

I would create a series of photographs that cohesively communicate a theme and aesthetic. Before I discovered my passion for graphic design, I thought I wanted to be a photographer, and I still love photography just more as a hobby now. Over the years I have taken many courses in photography where I have taken and edited many photos, and created many collections of photos for projects and assignments. For this project, I might want to further expand on a previous prompt or project with new photos and with reshoots, or I might want to do something new altogether. I could utilize the freedom of creativity that this course offers over other classes to try a new technique or style of photography that maybe I have not gotten to try to it’s fullest yet.

Since I am still unsure of the specific style and direction of this project, I will list the general equipment I would need. For this project I would probably use a DSLR camera, a lens, an SD card, my hard drive, and a tripod. I would use Adobe Lightroom Classic for editing and organization with the images. An example of a past project that actually did something incredibly similar is Lily Mcstravick’s macro photography project.