Pitch One: Podcast- “Black at SJU”

The black experience at a PWI is one that I am very familiar with. It is extremely complex, challenging and even funny at times. This podcast will serve as an outlet for black students at SJU to reflect, connect, and offer advice to incoming freshmen. 

Black at SJU would be an interesting yet challenging choice for my Capstone project because it would require me effortlessly blend both light and heavy topics while leading the discussion/interviewing guests (on some episodes). The podcast would be beneficial for both my guests and myself because it would create a safe space for us to be seen and heard without judgment.

Using my knowledge of Audacity and microphone/audio equipment from COM 455, I will easily be able to compose 7 episodes that are 25 minutes long. Each episode will have a different topic and feature a new guest(s).

The Headnod: Black Life at PWI includes topics I’m interested in covering.

Pitch Two: Social Media Campaign for The Common Earth Company

In 2020, my parents created the Common Earth Company, located in Jersey City, N.J. The company aims to provide healthy lifestyle alternatives to underserved communities. My social media campaign will solidify their brand personality and increase overall awareness for their company.

The social media campaign for my family’s business will essentially start from scratch because my parents are not quite social media savvy. However, since I am well versed on the ins-and-outs of this social media “universe” we have found ourselves in, I am ready for the challenge.

As a Public Relations intern for HUNTER,  I was often involved in the creative phases of brand campaign formation for the highly successful online retailer, Amazon. Using the knowledge I gained from taking part in the steps to brand campaign success, I will zero in on two platforms; Instagram and Tik Tok. Posting on both platforms will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday. Equipment and technology needed for this campaign would include an IPhone, a DSLR, and Adobe Illustrator.

The work my parents do for the Jersey City is truly amazing and deserves to be recognized. This Capstone idea would not only provide more business opportunities for my parents and allow me to showcase my brand activation skills, but it would also allow me to help the people I love.

Zach and Zoe is a black owned business that has a large following and cohesive brand identity that I would like to emulate.

Pitch Three: Web Series Relating to the Female Athlete Experience 

Being a female college athlete is an experience that I sometimes have trouble describing. This web series would highlight the ups and downs of participating in a college sport and how we navigate these challenges as women.


My web series would allow non athletes, or anyone who is interested for that matter, to follow a female student athlete during the height of their season. I would show how the athlete balances school, their social life, and sports while documenting the challenges on the way. The viewers would be able to develop a connection with my subject and immerse themselves in their journey. 


My web series would be a challenging, yet rewarding idea for my Capstone because I would combine my knowledge from both the film and communications departments. To complete this project I would use video/audio equipment and Adobe Premiere Pro and also Instagram to promote the web series. I plan on creating 10 episodes that are 5-10 minutes long.


Dominique Mustin’s “DIML” structure that I plan to gain light inspiration from.