Hey there! For my senior capstone, I’ve kind of been wrestling with a couple of different ideas. Quite honestly, after graduation, my goal is to work somewhere graphic design-oriented or to do freelance yada yada yada, long story short is I want to make art and I think my capstone should help me get an art job.

  • My idea that I’m working with is to create a sort of Interactive Digital Portfolio and make way more work to be featured on it. I also thought there could potentially be a concrete version of this, like a portfolio book that I could scan in to use on the site, or use at interviews. I was really inspired by this one artist on Tiktok. I was really impressed with her work (the diverse and comprehensive nature), the way her site was laid out, and the interactive components of the whole thing. I’d really be interested in making something like this. Here’s the video:
  • A different idea I had as well, was to create a Digital zine called Just for Attention. I want the zine to illustrate through graphic design and photography ideas illustrated in Laura Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, and John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. I want to illustrate certain points they both make (the nude vs naked debate, what it means to be active and passive under the patriarchy). I want the idea of the zine to examine what it means when someone says that women wear or do things “for attention” and how that insinuates that they can never be active participants in their own validation. I attached my sketchbook below with some brainstorming, and another digital zine that I made that could be an example of turning language into aesthetics.
    • project3-final
    • I’d also want to use a fractured maybe digital collage feel to the piece like this that I made
  • My third idea, which is admittedly a little lame is to create a social media campaign to promote my art. I create a lot of stuff and it would be awesome if people were able to see it and also buy it and I’d love to get that out there.