Idea 1:
For my first idea, I would like to continue chasing after the development of my side hustle I started over Covid last year. This is an area where I wish I had more time to put towards because could see it becoming very successful. I created a clothing brand called, “East Coast Anchors”. It’s done well in the past as every time I’ve dropped clothing I’ve pretty much sold out every time within a day. I would like to use this as my capstone project to see if I could really grow my brand. I would like to meet with other street-wear brands in the city to gain advice to help grow. I would like to really focus on gaining many followers on social media since social media is the platform for my target audience. I also would like to meet with a website developer to see how I could improve my website. Lastly, I would look to see if I could perfect images and videos to use on Instagram or TikTok which could really help grow my brand.

Idea 2:
For my second Idea, I would like to continue taking pictures and see if I could make another side hustle out of taking pictures. I’ve taken over 4 photography classes over my last couple of years at St.Joe’s and I really have a fun time doing it. In the past, I’ve taken action shots of people playing sports and they have turned out very well. Also, this past Christmas I’ve taken pictures for three of my older siblings for them to use for their Christmas cards this year. They’ve turned out very well and I could see others asking me to potentially take theirs next year. So for this project, I would like to create an Instagram and website to promote my photography skills. I’d really head towards the route of taking pictures of athletes during their games. I wouldn’t just do SJU athletes but I’d also do other local athletes around the Philadephia area.

Idea 3:
For my third Idea, I would want to start a youtube page or podcast. The subject for the content would be based around homeless people. I’ve always wondered how homeless people have gotten to that point. I’d like to interview them and ask them to tell their story, ask them to tell me the biggest challenges of being homeless, and maybe even ask them for a lesson to learn from. After interviewing them I’d try to give them something that would help them in the future like food, clothing, etc. I think a youtube video would be great to really capture the emotions surrounding the interview.