Brand Book for the Common Earth Company

In 2020, my parents created the Common Earth Company, located in Jersey City, N.J. The company aims to provide healthy lifestyle alternatives to underserved communities. My brand book will solidify their brand personality and increase overall awareness/engagement to their company.

The brand book for my family’s business will essentially start from scratch because my parents are not quite social media savvy. However, being as though I am well versed on the ins-and-outs of the social media “universe” we have found ourselves in, I intend to solidify their brand personality through concepts that I have exercised in COM 201 such as accessible design, meaningful color use, typeface, iconography, social media templates, and branded merchandise.

As a Social Media intern for SJU’s Office of Learning Resources, I have developed a clear and unique identity for the brand that is easily recognizable. Using the knowledge I gained from taking part in the steps to successful brand formation, I will consult with the creators of the company to fully incorporate their vision for their company. Equipment and technology needed for this campaign would include an IPhone, a DSLR, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

The work my parents do for the Jersey City community is truly amazing and deserves to be recognized. This Capstone idea would not only provide more business opportunities for my parents and allow me to showcase my brand activation skills, but it would also allow me to help the people I love.

The brand identity execution I look to emulate in the brand book is evident in Zach and Zoe’s approach. Zach and Zoe is a black owned business that has adopted a simple and cohesive identity throughout their platforms. The Common Earth Company can benefit from this approach because they have a similar target audience. Another company I plan to gain inspiration from is Glossier. Since the Common Earth Company also sells natural hair and skin products, I can take inspiration from Glossier’s successful and unique packaging guidelines and sustainability efforts that they highlight in their brand book.

General Timeline
My general timeline will first start with meetings with my parents (the founders of the company) during week 4. I plan to show them my preliminary ideas for the brand book, which will include a range of colors and typefaces. From the meeting feedback I plan to immediately start to create mock up versions of the brand book in weeks 5 and 6 based on their preferences. In weeks 7 and 8 I plan to meet with my parents to receive more feedback/check if they approve of their direction I’m going in and refine/add anything if needed. The rest of the duration of the project will consist of perfecting/tweaking the brand book.