Intentions of the Project

The intention of my project is to create media to be posted to the Faith Justice Institute website. Currently, the only video media posted on the website are the Klein Lectures. My intention in conducting the interviews is to learn more about certain Service-Learning classes from the voices of students who have actually taken the courses. I also want to hear about the Faith Justice Institute from the student workers themselves. In posting this content on the website, it can become a resource for prospective students to learn more about Service-Learning and the Faith Justice Institute. I hope my project will spread awareness, even to just one person. If more people learn about the importance of this department, it will be a success. 

The Impact of the Project



The impact I hope it will have is that students can learn more about what Service-Learning is, as well as hear specific students’ experiences. I think it is impactful to hear from current students, because I believe they have credibility as they are familiar with the work the Institute does, as well as the positive social change that is fostered through Service-Learning classes. 


Community Partners:

Additionally, prospective Community Partners can see the content and be introduced to the program which might lead to a new partnership, which would create a positive impact by growing the program and expanding the amount of Community Partners the institute works with throughout the year. 


Best and Worst Case Scenarios



The best case scenario for the impact of my project is that more students enroll in Service-Learning classes because they see the content, and find the content discussed in the interviews interesting. Additionally, the best case scenario would be prospective Community Partners would reach out to the head of the department with interest in working with SJU as a result of seeing the interviews. 



The worst case scenario is that no one watches the content produced and posted on the website. The goal with this project is to benefit the Faith Justice Institute, and with this content I want people to learn about the program and hopefully enroll in the classes. If no one watches the interviews, that will not help gain awareness of the program and promote the courses offered. 


How Personal Identities Influence My Approach to Design

Personal identities may influence how I approach design, because for this project, the design is in the footage recorded and edited. I intend on respecting the identities of those I am filming to ensure I foster a safe and inclusive environment where every person feels comfortable. I will emphasize to my participants that they are allowed to restart whenever they need to, and I can edit out anything they want me not to include. 


Perspectives Missing From My Approach

A perspective that might be missing from my approach is an interview of a student who went on a Service-Learning Study Tour, because my main focus is on students enrolled in Service-Learning classes that are not study tours. I plan on discussing with my supervisor the idea of reaching out to a student who went on a Service-Learning Study Tour over winter break this year, to see if they would be interested in being interviewed for this project. 


Individuals Missing From My Project

Individuals missing from my project could be the supervisors in the Faith Justice Institute. Originally I was planning on incorporating interviews with them as well as current students in the program. However, after having meetings with my direct supervisor, it was established that it would be more beneficial for this to be a student centered interview project. 


Fostering Inclusivity for Individuals Missing From My Project

I can attempt to make my project more inclusive for the supervisors who will not be interviewed, by receiving feedback from them on each interview I film and edit. That way, even if they are not in any interviews themselves, they are collaborating with me on this project the entire semester.