When designing, it is essential to be inclusive of all types of people. A way to be inclusive of different kinds of people is by creating designs that are accessible to all differently-abled people. While it can be time-consuming, it is important to give any and every one the chance to interact with your content. In my project and the deliverables I have, I plan on being as inclusive as possible in every aspect.

Podcast Episodes

Each of my podcast episodes will be audio based. I say this because today, a lot of YouTubers or influencers have “podcasts” that are audio and video based. One example of this format is the H3 Podcast. While this helps create more inclusivity and accessibility, they don’t provide transcripts of their podcast episodes. There are closed captions on the videos, but again no transcript. I plan to try and be more accessible in my podcast creation by creating a transcript for each episode. This way people who are deaf or hard of hearing can still read through the episode if they wanted to.


An idea I got from Tik Tok was creating scannable stickers that will lead people to my podcast on Spotify, my podcast on SoundCloud, and/ or my podcast’s Instagram. When I discussed how to try and make this more accessible in class, I thought a good idea might be adding brail to these stickers. However, blind or people who have a hard time seeing, may not even be able to find them or even be able to read brail. But I am still going to look into if there are brail stickers or if they are even effective because one problem I thought of is that over time people feeling up the same brail on the same sticker might get worn down. However, this may be something that is not accessible to everyone, but I will still try and be accessible throughout all my designs and advertising.

Spreading the Word

This project and podcast are something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. I am so excited to share it with any and everyone. Every time I go to dispensaries I somehow end up telling my budtender about my podcast and they all seem so excited for me! I have even had a couple of them follow my various social media accounts for the podcast. So I think once I start seriously advertising that more and more people will want to listen to and engage with my podcast. I think my passion and love for this project are translated into my design and people can feel and see that.