One of my biggest goals for this project is to make it inclusive and accessible for anybody.  My podcast should be very easy to find, and I want everyone to get a chance to hear it, regardless of what streaming platform they have.  My podcast should also be easy to find though social media.  I also want to make sure that I have something in this podcast for everyone, and I do not leave out any perspectives.  I want to discuss as many career paths after college that I possibly can and make sure people can relate to at least one episode.


Accessibility on Streaming Platforms

When I created my first podcast, I only released it on Soundcloud.  While Soundcloud is free to use and accessible on almost any device, it is still difficult to navigate and not many people use it.  I will still upload each episode to Soundcloud, but I also want to upload the podcast to either Apple Music or Spotify.  In a perfect world, I would upload the podcast to both of these streaming platforms, but as long as I upload it to Soundcloud then I think just one other would work.  


Accessibility on Social Media

The main way that I am going to make my podcast accessible on social media is by adding links to it for every streaming platform in the account’s bio.  Everytime I post a tweet or picture, I will add every link for the podcast in the description.  By doing this, anyone will be able to find my podcast just by clicking a link.  If people have to open a different app and search for the podcast, they probably will not put that much effort into it.


Inclusivity in the Content

In order for there to be something of value for everyone in this podcast, I need to have many different guests who have chosen many different paths after college.  One example of this is I need to interview someone who is going to graduate school because this is a common thing to do after college that is different from getting a job right away.  For this example I would also need to mention 4+1, 3+1, and other graduate programs.  Another way for my content to be inclusive is by interviewing people from different backgrounds.  People from different socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds have different experiences in this country, and I want to make sure I get as many perspectives that I can.