My Technology

One of the technologies I will be using to help me create and complete my project is Canva, accessed and used through my MacBook Air 13” that I bought in June 2019. I will be using Canva Pro which allows me to use all of the designs Canva has to offer. This version makes the possibilities endless as Canva has a wide variety of graphics, fonts, and colors to play with.

How to Try and Master Canva Pro

When it comes to Canva, there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with everything they have to offer. So in order to master Canva Pro, I plan on utilizing the various tutorial videos provided by Canva. These videos will help me best utilize the various editing and design features that Canva has.

I also believe that since Canva has endless possibilities I should create various versions of designs I create. This way I can test different colors, graphics, or editing features to see which suits what I want to achieve best.

Furthermore, I plan on staying away from the premade templates that Canva has to offer. While they are useful, it makes me fearful that my material and content will be repeatable and generic. So I plan on utilizing the various graphics, images, and editing tools Canva Pro has to offer to create my own content.


This technology is social because it will help me convey my values and feelings for cannabis through the content and graphics I am able to create. It will also show people how much I care for this topic to take the time and create something.

I believe this technology is also social because it will allow people to create or start a conversation about what they have seen and what they think about it. I think people will be intrigued to hear others’ thoughts on this type of content since cannabis is such a controversial topic.

This technology is social because you get to use and play with designs people have already created. The graphics and such that are provided by Canva were created by other creators and users to help others who want to create so they have an easier time creating content.

Cultural Values

This technology reflects the cultural values of today because, in today’s society, we like things fast and easy. This technology makes design and creation easy and understandable for anyone. Anyone with this technology can create a decent graphic within minutes.

I also believe this technology reflects cultural values because it can be a free technology used by everyone. While there are restrictions to the designs and editing abilities you have, you can still create regardless of if you have the money for all the fancy stuff. This shows society’s slow shift towards accessibility for everyone.

This technology also reflects cultural values because, in society, we want limitless options. Canva Pro offers limitless possibilities when it comes to the various graphics they have.


This technology will help me greatly because of how easy it is to use. So I will be able to make things quickly but also make changes quickly if need be.

This technology is also easily accessible. I am able to edit and design wherever I need to as long as I have wifi and my laptop. So I can design from the comfort of my home, in the library, or in the Communications department building.

I can also easily download my designs in any format and size I want. Canva Pro allows you endless options for downloading and sharing your content easily.


One constraint when it comes to certain graphics that Canva Pro offers is you cannot change the colors. A good portion of the graphics they offer allows you to change the colors of the graphic and make them whatever you want. However, not all of them allow that meaning you have to take it as it is.

Another constraint is not being able to use any custom fonts. I am limited to the fonts that Canva Pro has to offer and cannot create my own.

One other constraint is if the wifi or my computer does happen to break and/ or not work, then I cannot use Canva at all and can’t create designs. This would cause me to be unable to complete work until either or both were fixed.