Adobe Illustrator

The technology I have chosen to discuss is Adobe Illustrator. I will use this in my logo creation/mock up phase and also the refinement phase of my designs. The features of the technology I will be using are the “Create Outlines” tool, the “Direct Selection” tool, and the “Type” tool. All of these tools will also help me to create a logo with precision and care. I have already mastered these tools because I previously took graphic design and have utilized all of them during logo creation. Additionally, I currently work as a social media manager using them and often use Adobe Illustrator for my weekly graphics.


Adobe Illustrator is social because it allows users to enlarge designs, add text, or refine edges and lines and these aspects all affect the way in which the audience interacts with the logo. All of these aspects can help me communicate a message to my audience. This technology has enhanced human behavior because it allows people to quickly recognize a brand by a logo design or colors and form opinions about the brand just by the logo

This material reflects the cultural values of professionalism, brand-awareness, and accessibility. Adobe illustrator reflects the value of professionalism because it allows users to sharpen lines/shapes and add exact size ratios which allows for sleek and coherent logos. The material reflects brand-awareness because it allows us to play with different color combinations and variations of different logos and in our society, brands want consumers to quickly recognize their logo (thus increasing visibility and trustworthiness). The material reflects accessibility because it helps enlarge text so that is can seen by people who may have difficulty seeing. The material also allows for a space where users can brainstorm different ways to to avoid visually complex logos with clashing colors (you can make unlimited mockups/versions of your given design).


Adobe illustrator affords my actions by allowing me to scale my work to any size without it being blurry, which will make my packaging phase easier (the logo will appear on my packaging). It allows me to work on my designs from my personal laptop without WIFI, which will be useful as I will spend a lot of time working at track meets/ on the bus. And finally, it will allow me to grab inspiration from their readily available vector logo objects which will speed up my process/stop and creative blocks.


Some constraints associated with Adobe Illustrator are its lack of in depth tutorials, lagging issues due to large file sizes, and default setting adjustment. The lack of in depth tutorials will constrain me a bit because while I use Adobe Illustrator, sometimes I need to be reminded of different tools/methods and will need in depth tutorials on some aspects. The material’s lagging issue will constrain me because it will slow the process down and might shut down (has happened before on my slightly old laptop). Lastly, the material might constrain me because I will need to adjust the default settings which will again slow the process down and might cause issues if they aren’t correctly adjusted.