Intention of Project: 

The intention of my project is to allow our society and those around us to become more aware of this issue that social media consumes too much of our lives and affects our mental health in ways we should not let it. We should stop comparing ourselves to others and focus on being our own individuals.  I want to normalize that what people portray their lives to be on social media may not be the reality of their lives, while also addressing the importance of mental health. 


Future Impact:

I believe the impact that my short film will have on our community will be something much needed. I hope that people carry this into their everyday lives when going onto social media. I hope people realize that people’s lives may not actually look like what is posted on the media or they may have something going on that they are actually struggling with. I want my film to remind those that everyone is human and we all have feelings, so we must be gentle with our society. I hope our society will stop comparing other peoples looks and body images to themselves and I want to spread self love and equality as well in my film. I also want to make people realize they are not the only people struggling with mental health, and I want to normalize the struggles with mental health as well. 

Best Case Scenarios:

The best case scenario would be that people would take my message into as much consideration as they could when going on social media and doing things that will help their own mental health. I hope people take this message seriously, which I believe people will since I feel like everyone can relate to this issue in society. I want to include people from different ethic backgrounds so I can be as diverse as possible. I will incorporate this by having my actors be white male or females and include black male and females. Just as Project Inkblot says, “In order to create for all, we have to employ processes that authentically engage misrepresented communities.”


Worst Case Scenario:

The worst case scenario may be people taking this issue lightly or taking the message my film is trying to convey in a different way. Nowadays, it seems that people like to take any message they can and turn it into something negative. Although I believe this would be hard to do with my clear and concise clips, it still is always a possibility. I will make sure that my message is trying to bring positivity to society as much as I can. 


Personal Identities: 

Creating films is something that I have loved doing over the past few years, and it is something I will continue to do. I love capturing the happiness of those around me and I am looking forward to being able to create a film that has so much meaning to it. I feel like this is a passionate topic for me and those around me, and I believe my voice will be heard in my film.  


Missing Perspectives: 

I acknowledge that I am addressing a hard topic that individuals deal with. I want to make sure I get a good amount of understanding of my topic before addressing a certain message in my video and I want to also make sure I am aware of people who struggle immensely with mental health so I do not downplay any type of issue. I also want to make sure I am addressing the LGBT community because I think that social media is a great platform for people of the LGBT to feel comfortable expressing their identity and we should normalize people feeling safe to be themselves on social media. 

Attempt To Make Project Inclusive:


I will attempt to make my project inclusive by making sure no ethnic groups or race feels neglected or targeted in any way. I want to make sure that this message is something that everyone can make a change and difference with the way they perceive social media and mental health. I will use actors in the film that come from different ethnic backgrounds and will show what equality should look like in our world by representing the power and knowledge of love for those around you.