Below are three different pitches for projects I could embark on this semester for my capstone project.


  • one that re-envisions in significant ways a previous COM or COM-adjacent class project

This project would be an Instagram page that highlights various non-profit organizations and the people behind them. I believe that not many people are aware of just how many different non-profit organizations there are and if they are aware of the organization, they know nothing of the people who work at these organizations. I want to spread more awareness through this page and highlight some of the amazing work these organizations and people have done and continue to do. I would be interested in a project like this as I have worked with various non-profit organizations over the course of my education here at Saint Joe’s. I believe that there are so many non-profits that deserve people’s time and attention and I think by highlighting them and their work people will become more interested. I believe this project would challenge me in new ways because I would be reaching out to various non-profits that I have never worked with before and interviewing many different people in order to create content. This project would also challenge me to actually think of my own posts and schedule. In my career, the majority of the time people are just telling you what to make and create, so this gives me the opportunity to create things that I actually want. I would use primarily Canva to create my posts and content. I have never used Adobe a day in my life, so it would simply be impossible for me to use any other platform. I would also most likely record conversations via Zoom or on my phone. I would also take pictures using a camera from the gear room or my phone. My goal for this project would be about 20 posts on the actual Instagram page and about 5 posts for the Instagram story. In terms of examples, I could only find Instagram pages of individual non-profits, so I cannot find anything I like that is similar to what I want to do.

  • one that engages your personal/creative life in some way

This project would be an Instagram page dedicated to educating the masses about cannabis use. Through this education, it can hopefully destigmatize recreational marijuana use and make it legal in every state. I would be interested in this topic as I am a medical marijuana patient as our state does not allow recreational use (for now). It is ridiculous that the laws for this are different in each state. For example, even though marijuana is not recreational here in Pennsylvania, it is in the state literally right next to us (New Jersey). I believe since marijuana is labeled a “drug” people automatically see it as a bad thing instead of a good thing. I believe there is also a lot of misinformation surrounding marijuana and that is another reason people have mixed feelings about it. This project would challenge me to learn more about marijuana and challenge me to create content focusing on this subject. I would also use Canva for this project as I again have no experience with Adobe. My goal for this project would be about 20 posts on the actual Instagram page and about 6 posts for the Instagram story. I again could not find examples that I like to showcase something similar to what I want to do. Most of the things I have found are companies that sell marijuana or products for marijuana. 

  • one that is just so out there that you could never imagine that it would be approved in any possible way but who cares you’re only in school for a few more months and this would just be so much fun I want to propose it anyway so I’m gonna go for it and see what happens

This project would be a podcast titled: “Trust the Plant”. In this podcast, I would talk about the benefits of marijuana use while also talking about various popular culture and media topics. I would be interested in this as it would be an overall fun project for me because it combines two of my favorite things: weed and internet drama. This would be a challenge for me as I would need to stay up to date in terms of the topics I cover and make sure that my facts are correct. This applies not only to marijuana but also to popular culture and media. I have also never completed a project such as this one. The podcast I completed last semester was more formal so having the opportunity to do something more creative would be exciting and challenging. I would use Canva to create various graphics to advertise the podcast and create a social media page to accompany the podcast and advertisement. I would also use Audacity to record my audio and use equipment from the Gear Room in Bronstein. For the podcast, there would be 4 podcasts that are about 45 minutes long each. For Instagram, there would be 10 posts on the page and 5 posts on the Instagram Story. A big inspiration for me for this project is the H3 Podcast. They are not focused on marijuana but have episodes that frequently feature the drug. They are a mainly comedic podcast that commentates on recent popular media and culture.