1. The first pitch idea that I had was to create a podcast.  I have already made a podcast in Dr. Hammer’s class, but I would like to make this one more professional.  I want to showcase my audio-editing skills on Adobe Audition, as well as my ability to operate zoom recorders and microphones.  I am not sure what the theme of my podcast will be, but I want to choose something that can showcase my interviewing skills.  I am a journalism minor, so maybe I could create a podcast where I spend the duration of it investigating something.  It won’t be a true crime podcast, but I could start each episode with a different myth/piece of information, and then spend the rest of the podcast interviewing someone to try and debunk/prove it right.  An example of this could be: does ibuprofen really give people liver disease? And then I investigate, find evidence, and then come to a conclusion.  I will do this podcast with a guest and each episode will be 30 minutes to an hour long each, and I can make around 5 episodes.


TBMR Episode 2: Suicide Squad (2016) by mattcharleston123 (soundcloud.com)


2. My second pitch idea is similar to a project that I did in my Influencers class.  For this idea, I would be creating a social media campaign for a company/organization.  When I did this project in my influencer class, my campaign was for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  While I enjoyed creating a campaign for a charitable organization, I want to try and create one for a company that sells specific products, like Coca-Cola or Nike.  It is one thing to come up with a social media campaign for a good cause, but it is a completely different skill to come up with one to sell something. I will pick 3-5 influencers who would be the face of the campaign, and I will come up with a plan and strategy for them to market a product/company on social media.  I will choose these influencers based on their influence, fan base, and credibility to sell the product.  For example, if I chose Gatorade, I might select Lebron James as an influencer because he has a huge influence and fan base, and he is an athlete so people would trust him if he said to drink Gatorade.  I would also be able to use my graphic design skills to come up with graphics that the influencers would post.


5 Brilliant Nike Campaigns Created With Effective Digital Marketing Strategies (digitalagencynetwork.com)


3. The last pitch idea that I had would be to code a website that I used to store my photography portfolio.  This idea would combine two skills that I have learned during the last 4 years, photography and HTML coding.  My goal would be to create a more professional looking website than the one I created in the Comm. class.  I want to add more things to it, and make it feel like a student did not create it.  I would want the website to be very easy to use, as well as organized.  I would categorize my photos and give each category it’s own page.  I have not been doing as much photography as I used to, so I would also need to get more pictures to put on my site.  This would showcase my skills in HTML coding, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, as well as my skills with a camera.  To me, this seems like my most fun pitch, I just do not know if coding and photography is what I would want to do after college.


Joe McNally | Photographer, Director, Author, Storyteller