I propose to design the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) for a concept iOS mobile fitness application. As a UI/UX designer seeking employment, this project will provide me with the opportunity to showcase my design abilities and demonstrate my intuition for product design through my professional portfolio. Although the application will not function, it will be presented as a full Figma concept.

Over the past year, I have developed a routine relationship with fitness, health, and self-care. Combining this with my prior experience in this field, I am confident in utilizing my skills to merge two areas that I am passionate about. The platform will allow users to create personal profiles, track their progress, and share their routines, diets, PRs, and supplement plans. It will also be designed with integration with Apple Watch statistics and third-party accessories, with the option for users to share their progress publicly or privately.

In terms of functionality, the platform requires a realistic monetization plan. My background in business through prior courses completed at SJU will assist me in designing a business model for this service. Potential revenue streams could include the promotion of fitness-related products, private virtual trainers, and gym partnerships.


The design will be created primarily in Figma and any other aspects such as device mock-ups, logo design, and imagery will be done using the Adobe Suite (primarily Photoshop and Illustrator). Upon completion, the app will be exported into a PDF format and presented with screenshots uploaded to device mock-ups for demonstration purposes.


My past Figma designs:

Aspida VPN & Account Manager UI/UX Concept

Meat & Potatoes NFT Collection: Meatoes Originals

iOS NFT Wallet Concept


Audience ( User-Base ) & Impact:

My intended user-base for an app of this nature are those interested in overall fitness, athletics, and weightlifting. While for some the gym is a very personal and sometimes sacred like place, there does exist a group of those who enjoy sharing their progress with others. However traditional social media does come with some stigmas associated around the topic (whether that be people assuming those sharing such content are vein or other users putting down those who might not have reached their goals yet.) Having a social platform specifically designed for this form of content could present a healthier (socially) alternative. Furthermore the ability to use the application in a private sense by not sharing content and rather as an educational tool opens the door for all others to enter into this community. This is why I want to priortize the features that track and organize personal progress to the same extent if not further than the social aspects.


Prior Experience:

In terms of UI/UX design experience, I can proudly direct you to a passion project that I co-founded and helped design essential features for. The open-source project named Comet combines aspects of both Reddit and Discord (Twitter at one point) into a single, social media platform. The platform slowly grew a dedicated user base. After going relatively viral on Reddit’s r/reactjs subreddit, a Discord representative scouted and hired Comet’s other co-founder and developer. Due to this, the project has been put on hold until additional resources to hire a full-time developer are made available.

Comet’s Reddit Post

Comet’s Github Repo:

Comet Concept V4 Figma Mock-Up

Personal Portfolio

During the summer, I interned at, an NFT marketing agency that helps clients enter the world of Web 3.0. As an intern, my responsibilities included designing the UI/UX for NFT Minting websites and wire-framing for back-end applications. I regularly met with my supervisor or clients to understand the brand’s goals for the projects and how to align them with their existing image and target audience.


Educational Experience:

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Business

I believe that my business background established through my earlier courses here at Saint Joes provide me with valuable insight into the realistic expectations set with the costs associated with operating an application such as this. Furthermore my experience in the COM department has heavily gravitated towards the understanding of how consumers utilize media as a means of communication and how it shapes our society.


Areas of Research Required:

  • Features users would benefit from / actually utilize
  • Exploring other UI examples found online ( communities can be found on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, & TikTok)
  • Finding UI themes / examples consistent with Fitness Applications applicable to my own
  • Discovering Icon Packs that match the desired theme of the product



In terms of obstacles I will acknowledge my inability to feel satisfied with a final product. Even right up until the deadline I often find myself tweaking and making adjustments and improvements. To better combat this I must establish a design scheme I feel confident and comfortable working with that I will be less driven to make major modifications towards the end of the project.



Week One: Sketch a generalized tree of required pages for app functionality (Landing Page, Login Page, Profile Page, Search, Settings, etc.)

Week Two: Establish a design persona (colors, logo, possible name) & begin wire-framing

Week Three: Continue wire-framing and laying groundwork for asset implementation

Week Four+: Refine the applications UI and continue building while structuring a “funcitonality” plan for self-sufficient operation (i.e. monetization)