For my project, I will be recording, editing, and marketing my own podcast where I interview guests about life after college during these uncertain times.  Each episode will be around 30-45 minutes, and my guests will be mostly people in their 20’s who are just beginning their careers.  I will talk to a lot of college students, as well as people who have been in the workforce for a few years.  Specific topics that will be covered with college students on the podcast include: 

  • How people feel about finishing college and starting their careers
  • Expectations that people have about joining the workforce
  • What trying to find a job during the pandemic is like
  • What they plan on doing after college

Specific topics that will be covered with people who have been out of college for a few years on the podcast include:

  • What life after college is really like
  • What working during a pandemic is like
  • Realistic expectations that people should have for after college
  • How to prepare yourself for joining the workforce



The form of my project will be 30-45 minute long podcast episodes that I will upload once a week.  The podcast will be available on streaming platforms and will only be audio.  The platforms that I will upload it to are Soundcloud and Apple Music.  I do not plan on uploading videos of the podcast, but I will be posting other forms of media online to market the podcast.  I will market the podcast on Twitter and Instagram,  where I will announce new episodes of the podcast as well as updates about guests and future episodes.  I will use pictures and graphics to market the podcast.  Here are examples of posts that are similar to the ones that I will make:

Audience and Impact

My audience is going to be college students and people in their 20’s.  Every college student eventually has to go through the same experience, graduating and  joining the workforce.  Current college students have it especially hard because they have to go through all of that during a pandemic.  Because of this, every college student will be able to relate to the podcast.  This podcast will also be very informative to college students because I plan on interviewing people who are already in the workforce.  Hearing people who have already graduated talk about their experience will benefit a lot of students.  I also think that a lot of people who are in their mid-late twenties will also relate to this podcast because a lot of people do not decide on a career right out of college.  I think this podcast has the potential to help a lot of people and make them less worried about their future.


Prior/Educational Experience

I have taken a podcasting class and created my own podcast, so I have a decent amount of experience for this project.  

Episode #2 from my Podcast

I am very confident with my ability to use Adobe Audition in order to edit the podcast, and I also have some experience in marketing.  I am also a journalism minor so I have experience interviewing people.  I have experience in creating graphics due to other Comm classes, and I even have experience creating graphics with the intent to market something.  I took a class about social media influencers and we had to create a campaign for a company and use influencers.  In this project we created graphics to market the campaign, and even though these graphics are not very similar to the ones that I will be making for my podcast, this experience will still help me a lot.  

This project will challenge me because I want to improve upon everything that I have learned so far and make everything more professional.



The research that I would have to do would be about each industry that my guest is going into.  If my guest for the week is a Finance major, then I need to research the job market in the Finance world.  I also need to stay up to date with what new rules and regulations companies have regarding covid, as this is relevant to my podcast.  The research that is involved with my podcast is all about staying up to date with the current climate of the job market and workforce.  If I can stay on top of that, then I should be fine.

I will also need to research my guest a little beforehand, and this can be done just by asking a few questions before the interview starts.  I need to have as many questions as possible.


Obstacles and Resources

I think that my biggest obstacle is going to be finding a guest and a time to meet each week.  I should not have a problem getting episodes out on time, but there are always scheduling conflicts.  Even if you plan an interview a few weeks in advance, stuff always comes up.  I will just need to work around any inconveniences.  Using microphones always comes with issues as well.  The technology never works quite the way that you want it to, and this is something that I need to prepare for.  One thing that I always do is bring an extra pair of batteries to an interview because you never know how quickly the original batteries will last.



My podcast is going to be 10 episodes in length, and each episode will be 30-45 minutes long.  I will release each episode on Tuesday, and the first one will come out next week on February 15th.  For each episode, I will make two graphics to post, one on Instagram and the other one on Twitter.  Here is when each episode will be released:


  1. February 15
  2. February 22
  3. March 1
  4. March 8
  5. March 22
  6. March 29
  7. April 5
  8. April 12
  9. April 19
  10. April 26