Since I was a little girl I have always had a love for taking pictures and videos. I would always play with my dolls and create little storylines, record, and playback as if I was watching a movie. As I got older and moved away from playing with dolls I started to make my own videos. In 2019 I created my first “vlog”. It was more of a slideshow with music but it was the start that I needed to really begin to make my own videos.

In the form of a media campaign, I will use different media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and a website that I will create using WordPress to create content that can be viewed by large masses of activities to do around the surrounding area. I have already begun to explore Philadelphia in previous vlogs created but this will show and explain more of what people are able to do. Going on ‘adventures’ around the city also helps to create bonds between people which I think helps as a good selling point as we are new to the city with new people.

So, what exactly am I doing?

Something I think we are able to all agree on is that being in college is hard. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior we always crave for more. For my capstone project, I have decided to take an influencer perspective of a campaign centered around things to do for relatively cheap in the surrounding area. Since I attend Saint Joe’s in Pennsylvania most if not all of the content I will create will be done in this area.

  • University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Temple University, Haverford College, La Salle University, Villanova University, Arcadia University as well as many other colleges and universities will be able to benefit since they are in the area of Philadelphia

How will I create content specific to my project?

The form of the project will mostly be in a video format with the main focus being on videos that will be posted to my YouTube channel. I will also use other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to promote other places in the Philadelphia area that can be explored with keeping in mind that my main audience will most likely be students. 

  • Instagram/TikTok will help to show places that are able to be explored but not in-depth the way the vlogs will explore these places

Who is the audience?

The main target audience for this project is mostly Generation Z mixed with Millennials. Focusing on the more Philadelphia-based sights, this project mainly aims to show students things that they are able to do in Philadelphia with keeping in mind that money doesn’t necessarily grow on trees. 

  • Public transportation will be used as well as vehicles to explore these different places
  • Places that are able to be traveled to without using any source of transportation will also be looked into

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the activities are for all ages and do not require the individual to be 21+ in order to have fun!

Prior Experience

In my four years at Saint Joe’s, I have had a lot of experience with trying to be creative and express myself. I ended up creating a YouTube channel where I post videos that I have filmed and edited. While I may not have many subscribers or views on my videos, it is due to the fact that I do not advertise my videos on social media platforms. This project will make me break out of my comfort zone by creating content I want to be viewed by more than just my family and friends. 


Educational Experience

As a COM student at Saint Joe’s, I have taken creative design classes to Digital Film Making classes. With this prior knowledge, this project will help me to enhance the skills that I have already learned. While a good amount of the editing software I have used was InShot, the skills learned in Digital Film Making with Premiere Pro will help my video content to look more professional than ever before. In order for my project to have easy-to-view content, it will all be posted to a WordPress webpage that I will make so that all information can be found in one place rather than trying to find it on your own.

  • An Instagram account will be made and used to post content
    • Using my preexisting TikTok I will upload videos that will give a short overview of places and things to do

Research, Obstacles & Resources

The main idea for this project comes from Visit PA, an informational website for people who are coming to Philadelphia. In order to give viewers the best material I will have to do a lot of research for places that people know of and would like to see as well as places that might not be known to many people, hidden gems if you will.

The biggest obstacle as any social media-based thing will be is making sure that the audience stays engaged and wants to see more. Using social media will help to keep the tracking of this campaign as it is to visit more places in the Philadelphia area but what makes this especially unique will be the website as it will be a place to view videos, as well as gain information about places to visit. Social media platforms allow for engagement to be tracked and with this information, I will be able to determine when to post as well as which platform will be able to gain the most attraction to show people things they are able to do.

What do we already know about Travel Vlogs?

Background Research

Audience: young adults

  • People who enjoy traveling
  • Tourists


  • Video evolution, generally short in length


  • Travel Vlogs → Europe
    • Roughly 30 minutes each
    • 50K + views (YouTube)
  • Travel Vlogs → Philadelphia
    • Roughly 10 minutes each
    • 1.5K+ views (YouTube)


  • Short quick videos/still images of the places
  • Name of place written in the video
    • Some include a more exact address allowing for others to travel


  • A majority of these travel videos seem to be taken in the quick video format that is added to TikTok rather than a platform like YouTube
  • YouTube has content but is a lot of content on famous landmarks in Philly
    • Magic Gardens, Liberty Bell
    • More Touristy

What should be in a TikTok/Reel for the Travel Vlogs?

When creating these short videos to be added to TikTok or Instagram there should be a set theme as to what can be expected to be viewed in these vlogs. While this form of video will not include the more personal feeling of the Travel Vlogs it will still take the viewer to a series of places, some of which can be viewed more in-depth in the longer video version that will be posted to YouTube.

    • Mount Dallas Fall

What is the timeline?

In order for my project to be received by the public well, I have created a short timeline of when I would like to have everything completed. Since the project will last the semester (4 months), I think that since the main project focuses on videography in the form of vlogs I will do the following:

  • Create at least 3-4 different videos roughly being 2-5 minutes long to ensure that the audience does not tire of any material
  • There will be one vlog per each of the months left (February, March, April, May)
    • These will be taken on an iPhone camera, edited in Premiere Pro, and later added to my YouTube channel
  • TikTok’s that can also be shared on Instagram as a Reel will be included on social media through roughly 10 different short videos of 15 seconds each
    • These will most likely be taken on my iPhone 12 Pro Max
    • My idea for the TikToks/Reels is to be a quick informational video of places and things you are able to do in the city and suburbs for cheap

  • Graphics will also be made in order to make sure that the material posted on my website user friendly and not reliant on people watching each and every video
    • Canva and illustrator will be used to make graphics

Let’s break down the timeline… 

Project Plan

Website Set-Up – February

  • Buy a WordPress website
  • Create a new website name/theme
    • Visit with Lauren?
  • Publish by the end of February
    • A color palette, typography, etc.

Video 1 – March (roughly a few weeks after we return from spring break)

Video 2 – early April (roughly within the first two weeks of the month)

Video 3 – late April (roughly within the third/fourth week left of the month)

Video 4 – early May (roughly around the first week)

* These vlogs will be more aimed towards locations that aren’t super touristy. They will be to places that are unique and relatively cheap if any money at all to be spent *