In my project, I intend to expand my parents’ brand to the best of my ability. My parents’ goal for the Common Earth is to help people who might not be able to experience healthy living habits and to undo the notion that healthy living is a privilege. I want my brand book to be easy to read, helpful, and inspiring to changemakers. Through my project, I will be also boosting their message so that more people can be helped and their brand can grow even further (and help other people outside of the Jersey City community).


I hope that my brand book will help my parents expand their brand so far, that they can help people in other communities and someday open up other stores. I want my brand book and elements of the brand book (such as packaging, social media templates, and merch) to not only help them reach a larger consumer base, but I want it to help them to inspire other people in underrepresented communities to take on similar initiatives.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The worst case scenario is that the company sees no growth from the cohesion I am hoping that the brand book will add and that we will not be able to expand our following. The best case scenario is that the brand develops even further than it has and that it will be easily recognizable to people even outside the community.


This project is based on the identities of the community because that’s what the Common Earth is about/that’s what they zero in on. The company is about adhering to the communities individual needs and making it feel like a family. They are all about customer service and building relationships with the people who stop by in their store and truly want their desires to be reflected in their business plan. My design process will function the same way- by listening to my clients.


I am not from the area that is represented in my project so I will have different perspectives in that sense. I have also never run a business, but my parents have, so they have differences on what they think might work/might not work for a business.


Since the goal of my parent’s company is to serve misrepresented communities, they will not be ,missing from the goal of my brand book. Even further than misrepresented communities in terms of race and socioeconomic status, I will take my inclusion a step further by having size inclusivity in my merch.