Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Photography


Photography is very powerful as it can tell a story without even having words. Taking a simple photograph that captures an individual in an environment, can portray a story of that person. Diversity shows up when capturing distinct characteristics that change one group from another. Inclusion is when a culture of different traits and perspectives is valued. Lastly, equality is fair treatment towards every individual. Heading forward I look to incorporate DEI into my project to make sure it is open to all people and open to different ideas. 


The Distribution Process


Heading forward into my project, I will showcase the portraits I captured on an Instagram account that I have created. Also, I will put my portraits on the website that I have created. Posting them on Instagram provides easy free marketing of my photography. I will be able to tag the individuals I captured. Having them being publicly posted on Instagram will give my audience the ability to follow me to see more of my content or even message me to take portraits of them. I’ll even be able to have people repost my photos making it easier to reach a greater volume of people using the Instagram app. 


Advertising Personal Portraits


For my project, I will need many different individuals to fulfill the number of requirements. The first thought that I have done in the past couple of weeks was to put up a story on my Snapchat. I put out the message, “Does anyone need portraits or headshots?”, up to all of my close friends. This made it easy to gain individuals to take photos of. By doing this I ended up gaining four individuals to help with my project. Next, I will put up a message on my personal Instagram account to try and do the same exact thing. But, this social media app will reach a bigger audience than my Snapchat. Lastly, I’m trying to find a way to reach out to the nest to make an announcement so that individuals that I don’t know from Saint Joseph’s could also gain the ability to get portraits taken of them.