Why Use Inclusive Design and Accessibility?

As I create a project about the effects that social media has on our mental health, it is so crucial to make sure I create a short film that will allow people of disability to also view the film. While considering accessibility and inclusion, I want to make sure no one of a disability will not be able to get the same experience or message as someone with no disability. I want to ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities, have a decent user experience and are able to easily access and understand the story behind my film.


How will I Implement Inclusive Design and Accessibility in My Capstone?

The ways that I will incorporate inclusive design and accessibility in my capstone will be having subtitles in any scene that has sound and descriptions of my video scenes that do not have dialogue. This willow allow people of disability (deaf or blind) to still understand what is going on without feeling like they have any sort of restriction to understanding my film. It is important to understand that though I might not be able to implement all of the access to people of disability, is important to understand that if I had the time and resources I would do my best to implement them. I will make sure that all my scenes, audio, and visuals will not offend anyone of disability or any ethnic culture/background and will make my subtitles and headings understandable for all to easily read.


Advertising for my Project 

I will advertise for my project by posting my trailer/poster for my film on my social media accounts as well as having my friends post it on their accounts as well. In my poster, I want to let people know what my main goal of my message and film will be about while incorporating diversity by showing my main 2 characters of the film on the poster. I want to have actors/actresses of all different ethnic backgrounds so this will really help tie in diversity and inclusion into my project. I believe while advertising for my project this will allow people to become more interested in my film if they see a nice poster posted online advocating for mental health and the issues with the media.