Project Intentions and Impact

The intention of my project is to empower and unite the Philadelphia community. I hope that it will inspire the individuals involved and the individuals that witness it. It will be welcoming and inclusive of all different people, from different walks of life, with unique interests and experiences, and it will ultimately unify their perspectives and outlook with those that can learn from it. The impact that I hope to have is one that touches people’s minds, open them up to new ideas, and take strangers’ words of wisdom to heart. I hope that it catches peoples attention and sheds light to the fact that everyone operates differently in their personal lives, but hearing advice from people they have never met before can be inspiring and helpful, whether or not they are in a relationship themselves.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario is that I have a huge group of participants that are diverse and have a wide variety of types of responses. I hope to have many participants that are from a variety of races, gender identities, and sexualities. The worst case scenario would be that I don’t achieve this in the slightest, or that I have a very hard time finding married people who are willing to participate.

Personal Identities

Personal identities will inform my design decisions because I will want to highlight diverse people and diverse responses, more than others. If my participants and responses have a huge variety, I will focus my attention to highlighting this during the editing process. If I only have some diversity, I will definitely prioritize those interviews over the ones that kind of blend in with each other.

Who might be missing?

With that being said, I am still trying to prepare for potentially not having many diverse perspectives. I might have very few, or none at all. Minority groups (regarding race, sexuality, gender) may be missing from my project, but I am determined to put forth my best effort so that this is not the outcome.

If that is the case I will re focus my attention on highlighting married people of a wide range of ages, and also from a variety of neighborhoods. I hope to have plenty of participants that fit this criteria either way, but my focus would shift if needed. .