The intention of the project is to design a basic UI for a fitness social media that aims to change the stigma associated with posting fitness growth as well as maintaining a log of progress. This would be an attempt at an unified app for social media and personal tracking. Through this platform I hope to encourage individuals to share their fitness journey, receive support and motivation from a community, and keep track of their progress. In terms of the best and worst-case scenarios for the project’s impact, the worst-case scenario would be that the design of the app would only serve as examples for a portfolio (which I am also prioritizing as job recruiters are actively seeking extensive portfolios for UI/UX designer positions). On the other hand, the best-case scenario would be that the app has real potential and could eventually be developed into a fully functional platform, however this would require a back-end developer as well as funding. Personal identities can significantly influence how the project is approached; for example, if the user is an athlete or has a background in fitness, they may approach the design from a more technical standpoint, focusing on tracking progress and measuring fitness goals. Alternatively, if the user has little experience in fitness, they may focus more on the social aspects of the app viewing other users content to become better familiar with gym etiquette, form, and general practices. The perspectives and lived experiences of content creators, people intimidated by going to the gym, and older populations may be included in the approach to the design. However, the project may be missing the perspectives and experiences of physically disabled individuals, and this group should be included in the design process to ensure inclusivity. To make the project more inclusive, the design should prioritize positive reinforcement aspects and features. Additionally, the project should include individuals from underrepresented communities in the design process, such as physically disabled individuals, to ensure that their needs and perspectives are considered. By doing so, the project can create a more inclusive and supportive platform for individuals to share their fitness journey and progress.