My Intentions

My intention with this podcast is to open up a dialogue about cannabis and cannabis use. I want to educate people on what cannabis is really like and how it benefits so many different kinds of people with various illnesses. I hope I am able to help destigmatize cannabis and cannabis use through my podcast and show people it is not what they think it is. People often believe that people who use cannabis are just lazy, idiots, but I am about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications while I work two full-time jobs and I smoke almost every day. I hope to break the stereotypes surrounding cannabis and cannabis use and show people the magic it holds.

My Impact

I hope my podcast will positively influence the cannabis community and show the people who use and produce cannabis in a positive light. I also hope to educate those who don’t know much about cannabis. I want to be able to show people the amazing community that comes with using cannabis and show how amazing cannabis is. I hope my podcast can help create some sort of discussion about the various laws surrounding cannabis and cannabis use. My dream and wish are that one-day cannabis is fully recreational and decriminalized in all states. My hope is that through this podcast I am able to contribute to a positive change.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario for me and my podcast would be 6, 30-minute podcasts with all of my now scheduled guests, no audio issues, and no internet issues as these will be filmed with guests via Zoom. I would also advertise these well on my podcast’s Instagram. The worst-case scenario for me and my podcast would be having guests cancel, audio that doesn’t work out, internet issues, and not advertising well enough.

Personal Identity, Perspective, and Lived Experience

Everyone has different experiences and reactions to cannabis and cannabis use. Because of that, I need to consider all the different perspectives people have based on those experiences. However, it is hard to consider every single little thing and be inclusive of everyone. For example, my podcast will not be suitable for people who are under 18 as they cannot use cannabis and I will be using some crude language. So they will not be factored into my thoughts as I design. I will be designing for adults of all genders and ethnicities. Another group I will not be designing for is people who suffer from Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. They are people who after long-term cannabis use become unable to smoke it because they fall ill in some way. This isn’t something that is heavily researched or even proven per se, so I will be staying away from it as I also personally don’t really believe it.

My Plan to Make My Project Inclusive

One way I plan on making my project diverse and inclusive is by talking to people who do different things but are still related to cannabis in some way. This way I am getting a bunch of different perspectives rather than just one. For example, I will be having a professional grower, a drug dealer, a professor, and Sister Kate who is a part of the Sisters of the Valley in California where they grow and sell cannabis, mushrooms, and other various plants together. I will be speaking to both men and women as well. I will also be trying to consider all of the different perspectives people have about cannabis and cannabis use so the conversation isn’t just pro-cannabis.